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Meet Dan Thomas, MD

I'm Dr. Danny Thomas. I'm a Pediatric Gastroenterologist, in other words I specialize in seeing children with digestive and liver problems. I work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I've been there since 1974, seen a lot of things come and go and changes. We love the new hospital. I love my work. We deal with students, residents who are in training, fellows who are in training for Pediatric Gastroenterology. I love the teaching, the cutting edge care that we try to provide and the clinical and other research; basic research that goes on in our hospital. I work with a wonderful group of colleagues. I've been married 42 years. My wife Judy and I have 2 children. I still, I call them children; my son is 37 years of age and my daughter's 30 years of age. No, they're not in the medical field. My wife thinks she's in the medical field, but she's a wonderful business person and has a lot of outside interests and activities. My hobby is, and my friends would probably laugh, I'm a hocker, golfer that I get out when I can. It's just fun to be outside, to be able to be with your friends, tell some funny stories and have a good time.
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Watch Video: Meet Dan Thomas, MD by Dan Thomas, MD, ...


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Dan Thomas, MD

Pediatrician, Gastroenterology & Nutrition, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Dan Thomas is the Head of the Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, and Medical Director of Liver and Small Bowel Transplantation at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Dr. Thomas presently serves on the Editorial Review Board of Pediatrics in Review and is on the Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His primary clinical and academic interests include the care and study of children with congenital or acquired intestinal, pancreatic and hepatobiliary disorders.

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