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Meet Jane Buckingham

I’m Jane Buckingham. I have two kids, two careers, two dogs, and one cat. I have two children, a 9-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy. I have two careers. One is that I write books called The Morning Girls’ Guides, The Morning Girls’ Guide To Life, The Morning Girls Guide To Motherhood, because I felt like there weren’t enough answers for me when I was a parent. When I’m on it to find this out, all those tips and tricks that we needed to pass on to each other. Those books are great way for me to find things out. Then my other career is actually is a trend forecaster. I get to study what young people are doing. All the new toys they’re buying. All the new things they’re saying, and hopefully that makes me a better parent. I don’t know about the dogs, but otherwise everyone seems to be fully covered.
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See Jane Buckingham 's video on Meet Jane Buckingham...


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Jane Buckingham

Author & Trend Forecaster

Jane Buckingham is the author of the best selling book series The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Motherhood, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations and the The Modern Girl’s Guide to Raising Decent Daughters ( Buckingham was the host of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life on The Style Network and is a regular contributor to Good Morning America. She is the founder and CEO of Trendera, one of the countries foremost trend forecasting and consulting agencies, working for companies including Gap, Hilton, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Fox, Paramount, and many others. She is the proud mother of a decent 11-year-old son and decent nine-year-old daughter.  

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