Meet John Badalament, EdM

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Meet John Badalament, EdM

My name is John Badalament. I am an author, speaker and a film maker and the focus of my work is on fatherhood. I live in Boston. I have two children. Jake is 7 and Stellar is 9. Outside of work when I am not working, one of my interest is songwriting, singing, playing guitar and I am learning piano.
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View John Badalament, EdM's video on Meet John Badalament, EdM...


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John Badalament, EdM

Author & Educator

John Badalament, EdM, is the author of the acclaimed Modern Dad’s Dilemma: How To Stay Connected with Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World and Director of the PBS documentary All Men Are Sons: Exploring The Legacy of Fatherhood. His work has been featured on ABC NewsNPR, in Men’s HealthPregnancy, The Los AngelesTimes, and on He serves on the Honorary Board of the Ties Never Broken Campaign, a partnership with The White House. John is a Harvard-trained educator who speaks internationally to schools, parent groups and organizations. 


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