Meeting the challenges faced by modern dads

Learn about: Meeting the challenges faced by modern dads from John Badalament, EdM,...
Meeting the challenges faced by modern dads | Kids in the House
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Meeting the challenges faced by modern dads

Dads today face unique challenges to past generations of dads didn’t necessarily face. I call this to modern dad as dilemma. That is how do I give what I didn’t get? How do I build the kind of relationship that I want with my kids that I didn’t necessary have with my father? That’s not to say that some guys didn’t have great relationships with their dads. Some did, but the vast majority of men want something different with their kids today. They want connection. They want relationship. They want an emotional connection with their kids. They want their kids to come to them and talk to them. They want to have dialogue. Most, at the job description has changed. Past generations dads were not necessarily expected to build that kind of relationship. To deal with that dilemma, dads today have to really step out of their comfort zones. Most of us have to step out of what’s comfortable and learn about relationship. That might mean learning how to be a better listener or controlling anger. That might be going and joining the PTA, be involved in school. It really requires I think a lot of courage to step in to that world of relationships, but research shows that a strong healthy connection between the father and their child is actually prevention against all things we worry about as parents, smoking, drug and alcohol, depression, early sexual activity. In other words, building that relationship is prevention.
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Learn about: Meeting the challenges faced by modern dads from John Badalament, EdM,...


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John Badalament, EdM

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John Badalament, EdM, is the author of the acclaimed Modern Dad’s Dilemma: How To Stay Connected with Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World and Director of the PBS documentary All Men Are Sons: Exploring The Legacy of Fatherhood. His work has been featured on ABC NewsNPR, in Men’s HealthPregnancy, The Los AngelesTimes, and on He serves on the Honorary Board of the Ties Never Broken Campaign, a partnership with The White House. John is a Harvard-trained educator who speaks internationally to schools, parent groups and organizations. 


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