Meet Karen Khaleghi, Phd

Meet Karen Khaleghi, PhD, the co-founder of Creative Care Malibu
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Meet Karen Khaleghi, Phd

My name is Karen Khaleghi, I am first and foremost a mother of four, a wife, and a parter. My husband and I began Creative Care 23 years ago, and in fact had our first patient arrive at our door the day we brought our oldest daughter home from the hospital. We began Creative Care after seeing a need that wasn't out in the world of treatment. We both came from being schooled in the analitic approach and having real life experience in hospitals and facilities throughout Southern California. We wanted to teach people with addiction from a new perspective and treat them in a way that we felt was mre humane and more understanding, where we could meet them where they were at and then successfully treat them. I come from a long line of addiction and my need was to understand how addiction came to be in my family and how it ultimately destroyed my family of orgin. My family today is nowhere near the family I came from. I have worked hard with my husband to develop a strong bond with our four kids. In fact the oldest two are in graduate school now seeking to become psychologists. When we're not busy at work, we're home as a family. We do a lot of travel, we work in the garden, I grow orchids, we like to cook together, we like to bake together we like to laugh together. So, a really strong unit and a loving family.
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Meet Karen Khaleghi, PhD, the co-founder of Creative Care Malibu


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Karen Khaleghi, PhD

Co-founder of Creative Care Malibu

Dr. Karen Khaleghi is a pioneer in the field of dual diagnosis, or co-occurring drug and alcohol addiction along with mental health disorders. As one of the co-founders of Creative Care in Malibu and co-author of The Anatomy of Addiction, Dr. Karen speaks to parents and organizations about the formation of addiction, the critical aspects of nature and nurture and the resulting disconnection between emotions and behavior as well as the genesis of addiction and the path to recovery, a process she calls "connecting the dots." 

There are many things that set Dr. Karen Khaleghi apart from others including her individualized treatment approaches and excellent treatment facility Creative Care which is filled with clinical staff comprised of professionals that offer the highest standard of care in the industry. Karen graduated from California Graduate Institute with her Ph.D in 1989 and lives in Los Angeles, CA with her loving husband and children. Dr. Karen Khaleghi has been featured on The Today Show, KCAL 9, Dr. Phil and many others!


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