Meet Michael Sinel, MD

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Meet Michael Sinel, MD

I'm Michael Sinel, I'm a physician, and I am an author, and I'm a teacher at times but most importantly I'm a Dad, and I'm a husband. I went through a difficult custody battle, and it turned out to be the biggest gift in the world because I half time parented my daughter she was now 9, and we have an incredibly unique tight loving relationship. I was fortunate enough to be remarried, and for the last 5 years I have a 12 year old step son actually he is 13 now and a beautiful wife. We love lots of activities together as a family, the step son and my daughter or my step son and my daughter are very in love and good friends, we share a lot of outdoor activities, we hike together as a family, we bike and we seem to have a beautiful life together, and I'm very grateful for it.
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Watch Michael Sinel, MD's video on Meet Michael Sinel, MD...


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Michael Sinel, MD

Dad & Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA

Michael Sinel is an assistant clinical professor at UCLA, and author of two books. He practices Yoga and lives in Santa Monica with his family. 

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