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Meet Richard Marrs, MD

Hi! I'm Richard Marrs. I'm a transplanted Texan living in California for the last 30 years. My career has been involved with the treatment of fertility and infertility couples. I'm the managing partner of California Fertility Partners. I started my work at USC and my fellowship training and then taught at USC for approximately 10 years before we moved our patient care into private setting. I have three children of my own and recently married a wonderful woman with three other children so we have a family of five now. We all like doing lots of things outdoors and my kids are definitely turning back my biologic clock which is a good thing. We just recently traveled to my sister in Costa Rica and spent some lovely time with her. We like being outside, doing things outside and California is a good place to do it. The weather is a lot better here that there is in Texas.
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View Richard Marrs, MD's video on Meet Richard Marrs, MD...


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Richard Marrs, MD

Fertility Specialist

Dr. Richard Marrs is a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. He studied medicine and trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Texas before moving to Southern California to study Reproductive Endocrinology. While at the University of Southern California, he developed one of the country’s first IVF programs, which is responsible for the second IVF birth in the United States and the first birth from cryopreserved embryos in the United States in 1986. He is internationally recognized for his contributions to the development of IVF. He has published over 200 papers and books in the area of Reproductive Endocrinology and In Vitro Fertilization and is a prominent figure in the national and international infertility communities. In 1996, he published a book for couples called the Dr. Richard Marrs' Fertility Book: America's Leading Infertility Expert Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Getting Pregnant.

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