Meet Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT

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Meet Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT

I am Rick Meeves. I have a PhD in marriage and family therapy and I am the current director of Clinical services for the COC health crew. I have for the last 18 years worked with families, troubled kids and troubled teens. That's my life passion like helping them try to get back on the track of happiness and productivity and in getting out of the addiction and depression and other challenges that teens come upon. I am married and I have a wonderful wife and I am a father of 3 boys 16, 13 and 11 and we play a lot of basketball and a little bit of golf and try to stay out of their way, but also guide them into a happy future for themselves.
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View Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT 's video on Meet Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT...


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Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT

Clinical Director of CRC

Dr. Rick Meeves has spent the last 16 years working with adolescents and their families. He currently serves as the Director of Adolescent Clinical Services for CRC Health Group, the nation’s largest provider of addiction treatment and related behavioral health services.  Rick has helped families deal with the rapidly expanding access to video and electronic media. As a practitioner he has seen teens lock themselves in their rooms, playing video games for days on end. He has also seen teens who became addicted to online gambling. Rick has seen parents who have accepted this behavior as some acceptable alternative to staying out all night or using drugs or alcohol. He has helped families re-establish healthy patterns and use of electronic gaming and has established healthy patterns with his own boys.

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