Violence in video games

See Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT 's video on Violence in video games...
Violence in video games | Kids in the House
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Violence in video games

The violent and non-violent video game discussion is easy to the degree that most of the studies have been done, have been done on violent video games. There's a higher degree of addiction that happens with violent video games. Longer durations of play, more frequency of days, that's where the addiction comes in. The stimulation, the pleasure centers of the brain with visual, auditory, problem solving, and group think, relative to the other players online, generally. Those things are so compelling and they can be so addictive to kids. The non-violent video games, they can be addictive as well, but they are not as high stimulating. My kids do Dance Dance Revolution, it's interactive. It's moving with their body. They can only dance for so long before they just say, I'm gone. The violent video games suck them in and they continue to play longer and longer trying to conquer the quest. It's by it's nature, more addictive, particularly for boys and males.

See Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT 's video on Violence in video games...


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Rick Meeves, PhD, LMFT

Clinical Director of CRC

Dr. Rick Meeves has spent the last 16 years working with adolescents and their families. He currently serves as the Director of Adolescent Clinical Services for CRC Health Group, the nation’s largest provider of addiction treatment and related behavioral health services.  Rick has helped families deal with the rapidly expanding access to video and electronic media. As a practitioner he has seen teens lock themselves in their rooms, playing video games for days on end. He has also seen teens who became addicted to online gambling. Rick has seen parents who have accepted this behavior as some acceptable alternative to staying out all night or using drugs or alcohol. He has helped families re-establish healthy patterns and use of electronic gaming and has established healthy patterns with his own boys.

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