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Meet Timothy Smith

My name is Timothy Smith. I live in the Chicago area with my wife Sherry and I have 3 kids - Britney, Nicholas and Alexandra. In real life I'm a health care executive, but I got involved in teen driving a number of years ago because there was a rush of teen deaths and accidents all caused by driving error very near my home. So my daughter was a year off from entering driver training and I wanted to reduce the risk of my kids. I didn't find much of use, so i got trained to race cars, licensed to be a driving instructor, to defensive driving courses, read everything I could get my hands on and the result was a book Crashproof Your Kids, Make Your Teen A Safer, Smarter Driver. And then about 2 years after the book came out, I also got involved with a technology company that developed software that allows you to program a cellphone so that it's very hard to use or impossible to use while driving. And I'm excited about that type of technology and how it can curb dangerous behavior. I like to ski, I like to play tennis, I like all kinds of water sports and I'm really happy to have the opportunity to talk to parents and teens about how they can both be safer, better drivers.
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Watch Video: Meet Timothy Smith by Timothy Smith, ...


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Timothy Smith

Author & Teen Driving Expert

Timothy Smith is a healthcare executive living in the Chicago area with his wife and three children.   He got involved with teen driving several years ago when a number of teenagers were killed in multiple crashes near his home, virtually all due to driver error.   His search for information to help his teens avoid car crashes yielded little of value, so he became a certified driving instructor, got trained and licensed to race cars, took defensive driving courses and ended up writing Crashproof Your Kids: Make Your Teen A Safer, Smarter Driver.  He is also Chairman of Aegis Mobility, a software company which has developed technology to manage and reduce cell phone use while driving. 

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