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Teen Driving

It seems like just yesterday that your son or daughter was hitting the playground and now they’re ready to hit the road! Teaching a teen to drive can be one of the scariest responsibilities for parents. You are preparing your child to be a safe driver in a world full of bad drivers and plenty of distractions. Every parent wants to feel confident as their teen pulls out of the driveway alone for the first time. Kids in the House has brought together the top parenting experts on teens and driving to help you put another great, safe driver on the roads.

Teen Driving Statistics for 2016

Time for some scary numbers. Car crashes kill more teens than guns, drugs, alcohol, and suicide combined. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 2,000 teens ages 16-19 killed in car crashes every year in the United States. Another 250,000 teens are treated in emergency departments for vehicle-related accidents. Teens are the group of drivers with the highest risk on the road due to a lack of experience. This adage has always been true ... Read more

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced several new recommendations related to drunk driving, one of which is to pursue a national .05 BAC per se limit.
Timothy Smith, Author and Teen Driving Expert, shares advice for parents on the new technology available that allows them to drive safer and track their teen driving... read more
See author Timothy Smith's video explaining why a simple drivers license isn't enough to make sure that your child is the safest driver possible. Get examples of what... read more
Shepard Kopp, Esq. Criminal Defense Attorney, explains what happens when a teen is caught drinking and driving depending on various different circumstances
Expert and educator Michael J. Bradley, EdD tells parents what they must to know about having a teen driver and what you can do as a parent to make sure your teenager is... read more
Adolescent behavior specialist Michael Bradley, EdD, shares advice for parents regarding teenagers and the privilege of driving
Watch Timothy Smith's video on what specific personality traits to watch out for in your teen when they are learning to drive.
Kelley King, educational consultant and award winning author, discusses what technological tool she relies on to make sure that her teenagers are staying safe in the car.
Technology expert Lori Getz gives parents helpful tips to make sure that their child is not texting while driving, which can be very dangerous for themselves and others... read more
Pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern of Tenth Street Pediatrics, gives some great reasons to help your teen become a safe driver.
I’m the lucky father (depending on the day) of two girls, Grace (12) and Riley (16). Riley was very recently the proud recipient of her driver’s permit. read more
During the upcoming winter months’ inclement weather and road hazards will be the cause of a large number of auto accidents al read more
teen car crash
The American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that drowsy driving is the cause of 1 in every 6 fatal motor vehicle accident.
New research from SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and Liberty Mutual Insurance creates fresh urgency around tired-teen driving and the often catastrophic... read more
Teen safe driver
Every parent wants their child to be safe. For teens, however, one of the most dangerous places to be is behind the wheel.
Teen driving statistics
"Car crashes kill more teens than guns, drugs, alcohol, and suicide combined" said author and teen driving expert Timothy Smith. read more
Teen driving course
The course your teen takes towards becoming a driver determines how safe they will be on the road. Teen driving schools don’t need to be the only place that your... read more
Teen drivers
Parents can impact teen drivers by teaching their children safe driving techniques. Knowing the facts before your child starts to drive helps create a foundation from... read more
Teen car accidents
Teen car accidents occur with frightening frequency. Within the first 12 months of learning how to drive, nearly 60% of new drivers will be involved in a driving... read more
In a now infamous briefing to reporters, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, said, “Reports that say that something hasn't happened... read more
View Timothy Smith's video on why spending time with your teens can make your teens better and safer drivers.
Timothy Smith, Author and Teen Driving Expert, shares advice for parents the most common crack risk distractions for teens so they can know what to warn their teenage... read more
Teen driving expert Timothy Smith shares poignant statistics of teen deaths due to driving incidents. Hear what he has to say about trying to reduce these accidents.
Teen driving expert Timothy Smith explains the pros and cons of an advanced driving program and what parents can do to ensure that their teen is getting the best driving... read more
Teen driving expert Timothy Smith shares some unexpected statistics and risks for drivers based on gender. Want to learn more? Watch this video.
Author and teen driving expert Timothy Smith discusses the importance of a parent's role in teaching your teenager to drive safely. He explains in practical terms how... read more
Road rage can be dangerous for drivers, passengers, and surrounding drivers. Teen driving expert Timothy Smith helps parents and teenagers identify signs of road rage... read more
Watch this video for a very informative step-by-step process giving you great examples for teaching your teen to drive by Timothy Smith, teen driving expert.
Can parents be positive driving role models for their teenagers? Timothy Smith, teen driving expert explains what parents can do to make model safe driving habits for... read more
Author and teen driving expert Timothy Smith explains the statistics on risk factors for teenage drivers in their early months of driving. Watch this video to find out... read more
Do you know what an appropriate bubble of space on the road is? How can you teach your teenager to be a safe driver and understand their surroundings? Driving expert... read more
Expert Timothy Smith uses a race car driver as a teaching method for student drivers, by using the skills of a race car driver as important concepts for teen drivers.
Expert Timothy Smith's reflection on his work with a cellphone company focused on distracted driving, led him to a career in educating parents and teenagers about the... read more
Timothy Smith, Author and Teen Driving Expert, shares advice for parents on ways that they can help their teenager be a better, safer, and smarter driver
Can you teach your children to deal with bad drivers? Many parents might not realize this, but expert Timothy Smith shares important information about the danger of... read more
Timothy Smith, Author and Teen Driving Expert, shares advice for parents on how to choose the right first car for their teenage driver, and what options are most... read more
What is visual scanning? Can you teach your teen drivers to visually scan the road while driving? Timothy Smith explains this and more in this great video.
Strong braking skills are crucial in any driving situation. Teach your teenager how to brake properly and what to do in tough situations. Hear what Timothy Smith has to... read more
Teaching your child to drive does not have to be a stressful activity. For more information on teaching your teenager to drive in a stress-free environment, watch this... read more
Clear communication with your teenager about driving is extremely important. Find out how to efficiently get through to your teenager when it comes to teaching them... read more
Is your child ready to learn to drive? Get tips from Cynthia G. Whitham LCSW, parenting educator, who explains how parents will know when their child is ready for the... read more
Jan Withers, national president of Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD), explains an amazing new piece of technology that will combat and stop drivers who will attempt to... read more
Pediatrician Jamie Wood, MD Clinical Diabestes, explains how teens with diabetes need to have a doctor sign off on their driving license application and shares advice on... read more
National MADD President, Jan Withers, shares advice for parents on what they can do to keep their kids when driving
National MADD President, Jan Withers, shares advice for parents the on most dangerous days for teens statistically and what they can do to reduce risk for their teen
Jan Withers, national president of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) explains what parents can do verify that their children are not participating in any situations... read more
Jan Withers, national president of the organization and mother of a 15-year old killed by a drunk driver, explains her nationally recognized organization MADD (Mothers... read more
Jan Withers, president of MADD, explains what parents can do to keep children safe from drunk drivers when there is a party with alcohol happening.

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