Men raising good boys today

Mark Steines, TV Host & Journalist, shares advice for parents on how to raise good, loving, and respectful boys in today's society
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Men raising good boys today

I have so many tips for raising sons, but I think the one that will resonate--or maybe not resonate, maybe catch a lot of people by surprise--is that I have learned to be vulnerable for my children. Not because I want to show them "weak" or that I'm the not the man that my dad was, who was a farmer and "man of the earth" sort of guy, but to show that I'm accessible. My tip would be: "Model the behavior you want your kids to have." I teach them everything from picking up their wet towels off the floor, to picking up after the dog and taking the garbage out, but we don't think about teaching them how to emote certain feelings. The way we can do that is by showing them ourselves. I remember watching some movies with them that were emotional. At first, I was like, "I don't want them to see me, so I'm just going to do one of these little numbers here." But, then I realized, "Why am I doing that?" I'm a human being, and I'm teaching them to be human beings that have feelings, and they're okay to have them, so show them. It's why God gave them to us. When my father passed recently, I took a "moment"--I went in the bedroom, I laid down, and I was by myself, and I was having a "moment." My sons walked in and they didn't have to say a word--they knew exactly how I was feeling--they just came in and put their arms around me and they just stood there. I realized that I was raising good sons, and that day, they took a little step closer to becoming a man. They knew just to be quiet, and they knew to let me have my feelings and not get all worked up about it. It just confirmed to me that I'm on the right path with raising them--it's letting them have feelings and it's okay to do that. I think we live in a world where father was a strong guy and, sadly, never told me he loved me, and when the casket closed, around September of 2013, those words were sealed forever, and I never heard it. Did I know he loved me? Sure...he showed me, but he just never knew how to tell me. I tell my kids every single day...and then it dawned on me: "What did my father teach me? That words only go so far, and you have to show them." I show them in all sorts of ways, including "This is how I feel when I hurt...", "This is how I feel when I'm happy...", "This is how I feel when I'm sad..." and "This is how I feel when I'm angry...". They see that, and they model that behavior.

Mark Steines, TV Host & Journalist, shares advice for parents on how to raise good, loving, and respectful boys in today's society


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Mark Steines

TV Host & Journalist

Emmy award-winning journalist Mark Steines hosts Hallmark Channel’s Emmy-nominated "Home & Family."  After more than 17 years on "Entertainment Tonight," Steines and his co-host Cristina Ferrare entertain and inform their audience daily with an array entertaining and relevant lifestyle topics, do-it-yourself projects, cooking, celebrities and experts.

From small town Iowa to the red carpets of Hollywood, three-time Emmy winner Steines has established himself as one of the most trusted and charismatic figures in entertainment news.  During his tenure at "Entertainment Tonight" he interviewed 100s of A-list actors, producers, musicians and athletes. 

Recently, Steines has received rave reviews as a photographer.  His appreciation for all things beautiful is captured in his portraits and majestic landscapes.  His artwork can be seen on the walls inside many exclusive Hollywood homes and offices.  His photo book "See The Light: A Passage To Sierra Leone," documents the Light House Medical Mission’s trip to raise awareness for fresh water in impoverished countries.

Other hosting credits include the "2008 Miss America Live!;" VH-1’s   "Greatest TV Rock ‘n’ Roll Moments;" VH-1’s "The 25 Sexiest;" the "Golden Karma Awards," recognizing international philanthropic efforts; Mark Burnett’s AOL interactive online game "Gold Rush" and the legendary Hollywood Christmas Parade. He was also a celebrity guest judge on "HGTV Design Star."  

He received an Emmy award for the KCAL-TV special "Beyond Endurance: Madagascar;" an Emmy and Golden Mic award for "Beyond Endurance: Borneo;" an Emmy as host of the 2005 Hollywood Christmas Parade, and a National Iris Award for the special "The Big Business of Sports Endorsements" and national recognition by the Women’s Sports Foundation for his fair and impartial reporting on the Women’s National Football League.

As an actor, Steines has guest starred on television shows including "CSI: NY," "The Practice," "Medium," "Half & Half," "America’s Next Top Model," "Handy Manny" and Sony Pictures' feature film "Nixon."

Steines studied comedy at The Groundlings, the renowned school of improv, and earned a degree from JoAnne Baron/DW Brown Acting Studio’s Meisner Technique training.  His vocal skills training were fine-tuned at the Kalmenson & Kalmenson Voice Over School for Actors.

A born fitness enthusiast, Steines was featured in People Magazine's coveted "Sexiest Man Alive" issue and Men’s Fitness Magazine's "25 Fittest Men in America."  Currently, he is working with fitness expert Tony Horton and Beachbody showing people how to stay in shape with the "10-Minute Trainer" program. 

Born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa, he attended the University of Northern Iowa on a full football scholarship and graduated with a degree in Radio and Television. Steines began his broadcast career as a regional television sports reporter, which later brought him to Los Angeles and national television.  Not one to forget his roots, Steines established a mentorship program with his alma mater, equipping students with the tools necessary to successfully transition from the classroom to a career.

An avid hands-on do-it-yourself guy, Steines enjoys spending his free time fixing, remodeling and restoring all things in disrepair.  He resides in Los Angeles and Ojai, California with his two sons.

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