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Arianna Huffington, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, explains the importance of modeling behavior for your children and teaching by example
Educator, Rachel Simmons, Author of Odd Girl Out, discusses girls' friendships.
Social Justice Advocate and Filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, MBA, recounts stories of how parents can take a stand and be a strong, positive influence on their children
Morris Dees, Esq. Civil Rights Attorney, shares advice for parents on how they can teach their kids about diversity and the benefits it has on society
View George Monroy's video on Empowering kids to choose their own paths...
Psychologist Jorge Partida, PsyD, shares advice for parents on how to help your child learn from their mistake after getting in trouble with the law
Cultivate the Love for School and Studying in Children
"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. read more
how kids can overcome fear
As parents, our greatest vision is to have children who have a positive sense of self with enough self confidence to navigate the challenges of life.  Life... read more
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“Be nice to your sister.” “Use kind words.” “What you did wasn’t very considerate.” As parents, we’re always... read more
I’m a dad and it’s important for my daughters to follow the rules: use the crosswalk when crossing the street, get their homework done before hanging with... read more
I’m the lucky father (depending on the day) of two girls, Grace (12) and Riley (16). Riley was very recently the proud recipient of her driver’s permit. read more
How to discipline is key to parents. Disciplining should influence a child's future behavior. Try an "action replay" after misbehavior. Ask them to tell you what they... read more
The holiday season has snuck up on us once again. Scrambling to plan, shop, wrap, bake, cook, and party with friends leaves little time for us to pause and reflect on... read more
(If you are a “parental push-over”, I am officially warning you right now, there’s a good chance you won’t like what I’m about to say. read more
I’ve been teaching elementary school for nineteen years. That first year I was terrified! read more
Many parents get caught up in day to day routines and the never-ending task of teaching their children and lose some important opportunities to model and teach respect.
Photo credit: John Morgan on Flickr Creative Commons
Instead of worrying if you can get your child enough of the “right toys” for Christmas this year, try a new approach: Give them less. Many parents of very... read more
R-E-S-P-E-C-T…Find out what it means to me…what is it? Does anyone know besides Aretha Franklin? read more
When considering homeschooling a child who has reached school age or when the decision is made for children to leave a school they attended last year, parents who are... read more
The notice arrives from the nurse at your child’s elementary school. “The Talk” will be held at some point during fifth grade. read more
What do you tell your nine and two year old when their Daddy is facing a life-threatening injury with virtually no chance of survival?  How do you protect them from... read more
My preschooler came out of her room and stomped once. I carried her back to bed.
There was a time when rewards and punishments were the foundation of most parents’ efforts to discipline their children.  The formula was pretty simple -... read more
Here’s a gem of a question I hear weekly:  Should I pay my kids to do chores?  It doesn’t sound like a hard question to answer on the surface,... read more
Joey Jones talks about teaching kids to interact with people with physical differences
Todd Adams shares what you can learn from you kid
Cathy Cassani Adams shares tips on what to do when your kids won't listen.
This past week I brought along my two girls, Eden, 10 and Alia London, 8 to New York City. I had been there dozens of times for business; but this time was for them.
Dealing with failure is difficult for all of us, but as parents, we often find it even harder to watch kids struggle with it.
Watch Video: Being a good role model for your kids by Jeff Probst, ...
Children of all ages watch everything their parents do. Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you take a lot of pills? Do you look at porn?
View Bill Horn's video on Teaching our daughter about Baby Buggy...
Watch Bill Horn's video on Why we love Baby Buggy...
The natural course of human events relies on a child striving to please his parents.
Watch Tiffani Thiessen's video on Tiffani Thiessen and supporting Baby Buggy...
Learn about: How Tiffani Thiessen teaches her children to give back from Tiffani Thiessen,...
Watch Video: Tackling one phase at a time with your child by Joel Pelcyger, ...
Dr. John Gray offers suggestions for parents to teach kids to ask for what they want
Dr. John Gray gives parents ideas on how to raise confident kids who will stand up for themselves
Actress Alysia Reiner talks about teaching kids to give back to the community
Learn about: How to change your brain's response to stress from Jerome Schultz, PhD,...
Learn about: Implementing change in kids by changing your own focus from Vicki Hoefle,...
Learn about: What to do instead of getting school administration involved from Vicki Hoefle,...
Professional Organizer Beth Zeigler gives her top tips for how parents can teach kids to become more organized
Watch Video: How important is parent participation in education by Reveta Bowers, ...
Learn about: What would you suggest if you feel that other children are getting favoritism, learn from failure from Reveta Bowers,...
See Michael Pritchard's video on Overcoming hearing impairment and cultural differences...
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