Why single parent households can do just fine

Matthew Logelin, Bestselling Author & Blogger, explains how a single parent household can do more than fine if they follow two important steps
Single Parenting | Why Single Parent Households Can Do Just Fine
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Why single parent households can do just fine

A lot of people were relieved when I met Broken, when she moved in with us because they assumed that Maddy needed to have somebody called a female influence in her life, or to have somebody with motherly instinct in her life. And what I found, prior to her moving in was that there is no such thing as parenting instinct. And I have that because I have a child. I didn't have it before at a child, to me because I am a man does not mean that my instinct is any less than a woman's. I was just granted to have exceptional time with my daughter that I and most men will never get. And when my wife died, I have to do all the feeding. Every single night, I have to get up and give my daughter a bottle every 3 hours. And I have nobody else to help me do that. that was my job, and because of that I bonded with my daughter in a way that I would never would have. And I spent as much time as any other parent would, parenting this child I became the best mother she could possible have. So it didn't matter if a woman moved in or there's this motherly instinct in her life, because she had all of that already. And it was something that I cultivated just by being with her because I cared about her and I loved her.

Matthew Logelin, Bestselling Author & Blogger, explains how a single parent household can do more than fine if they follow two important steps


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Matthew Logelin

Bestselling Author & Blogger

Matthew Logelin is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Two Kisses for Maddy, as well as the acclaimed and award-winning blog, Matt, Liz, & Madeline. His essays have been featured in the Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, Mamalode Magazine, and The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything.

Two Kisses for Maddy was the winner of the Goodreads Choice Award in the Best Memoir & Autobiography category, 2011, has been translated to four languages and was recently optioned by the Lifetime network, to be adapted for the small screen by Marta Kauffman (Friends) and Denise DiNovi (Crazy, Stupid Love; The Lucky One).

Matt is also the founder and president of The Liz Logelin Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in honor of his late wife, with the sole purpose of providing hope for young widowed families (regardless of marital status or sexual orientation) through financial assistance and necessary resources. Since its founding in 2009, The Liz Logelin Foundation has given grants to more than 120 families. Most importantly, Matt is the father to four-year-old Madeline. His toughest critic most days, she is also his biggest fan. He spends his days helping her refine her taste in music and books. They live in Los Angeles but travel often to see as much of the world as possible. 

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