Founding Red Tricycle

Watch Jacqui Boland's video on Founding Red Tricycle...
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Founding Red Tricycle

I started Red Tricycle when I was pregnant with my son. Before having kids my husband and I lived this urban lifestyle, We went out to great restaurants. We went to see live music. We traveled. And suddenly I'm pregnant, and I was worried. What was my life going to be like after kids? Was it going to be chicken nuggets and chucky cheese restaurants? So, I started doing research around city. Essentially, to see and do with my kids, from great sushi restaurants to supermarkets that had place basis. And I compiled all this information into an e-mail newsletter that I sent out to other moms. And that's how Red Tricycle was born. Initially, it was just one city with my tips for things to see and do with kids. But I got so many e-mails from moms in San Francisco, and Chicago, and New York who wanted a Red Tricycle in their city, that eventually we expanded. So, now, Red Tricycle is a digital city guide. We talk about things to see and do with kids in 7 US cities. And so we have an e-mail, newsletter and website, and soon a mobile app, as well.

Watch Jacqui Boland's video on Founding Red Tricycle...


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Jacqui Boland

CEO & Founder of Red Tricycle

A 15-year media veteran, Jacqui helped launch a slew of media properties for Reed Elsevier, Meredith Corporation, Miller Publishing and San Francisco magazine. Prior to media, Jacqui worked in Public Relations and counted Ringling Bros Circus and Walt Disney’s World on Ice among her clients. Her start-up experience includes (an airbnb predecessor) and Breathe, a yoga lifestyle company. When not running Red Tricycle, she helps manage her six-year-old’s growing lemonade stand empire.

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