Making fun lunch meals

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Making fun lunch meals

One of the most popular articles we ever wrote in Red Tricycles was an article called Beyond The Boring Sandwich, Lunchbox Ideas. As parents, we get bored of making the same peanut butter and jelly sandwiches day after day; you can imagine how bored the kids get with eating it. And so our team of moms all contributed some different ideas about making the lunchbox more fun for kids, so when they open it up, there’s a surprise in there for them. The first idea is use something besides bread. Tortillas are popular, particularly if you can roll it up, anything that’s shaped like a wheel, kids love. The other thing that we like to do is use lasagna noodles, and roll up food inside a lasagna noodle. It’s a special treat when a kid opens her lunchbox and it just looks fun. The second thing you can do to make your lunchbox fun is shapes. Whether you cut the fruit or the sandwich into a special shape – They even make sandwich cutters now, that you can cut sandwiches into special shapes. When your kid pops open his lunchbox and it’s shaped like a dinosaur or a fish, it just makes eating more fun. And then the third thing that is really popular right now is Bento boxes. These are little boxes where, instead of just packing a sandwich in a plastic bag, you can pack all sorts of different food and so your kids can sample lots of different ideas and it’s like a surprise with each little box they open up to see what’s inside there, it’s like a little game for them. That also makes lunch really fun.

View Jacqui Boland's video on Making fun lunch meals...


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