Economic change as an opportunity for growth

View Jorge Partida, PsyD's video on Economic change as an opportunity for growth...
Economic change as an opportunity for growth | Kids in the House
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Economic change as an opportunity for growth

There are many families that are frightened by the current difficulties we are having with our economy. It is a crisis that we are experiencing throughout our nation, and families are often scared by their lack of employment and financial situation. It is important to recognize that crisis, for example, in the Chinese language is the equivalent of 2 symbol - we have the symbol of danger, but we also have the symbol of opportunity. And so, oftentimes, when we are experiencing crisis, we tend to focus on the danger component of it. Crisis also gives us the opportunity to learn something from it. An opportunity to retool. This is a great opportunity to think about your job in a different way. Many people have been involved in construction and have seen themselves being unemployed. This is a great time to retool, to find out the changes that are happening in the construction industry.. Right now, we are looking more and more at green jobs, sustainable jobs. Construction will come back, but it will come back differently. This is a perfect time for you to take and learn. Learn how you take and make yourself competitive. And learn how you can be prepared for the upcoming future of boom and prosperity. But use this opportunity to prosper yourself, and to push your interest into something that is new and unique and will make you marketable beyond the crisis.

View Jorge Partida, PsyD's video on Economic change as an opportunity for growth...


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Jorge Partida, PsyD


Dr. Jorge Partida is a Psychologist, Green Advocate and Indigenous Healer. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and immigrated to Chicago at nine years of age. Dr. Jorge has been a consultant on many national and international projects in the areas of education, health, diversity and spirituality.  Dr. Jorge has worked with local and national governments to coordinate services for those most impacted by poverty, war and displacement.  He has worked in Liberia Africa in the repatriation of boy soldiers and has worked to form “intentional communities” in poverty impacted countries of Latin-America.

Dr. Jorge is the author of The Promise of The Fifth Sun and A Week of Awakening.  His writing integrates psychology with native healing traditions to form an easy to use self-help approach.  Dr. Jorge has designed and facilitated healing workshops that incorporate ritual and practice. 

Dr. Jorge has served as Director of the PsyD program at John F. Kennedy University and as Deputy Director of Behavioral Health with the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  Today, Dr. Jorge is the Executive Director of the United States Green Building Council-Los Angeles (USGBC-LA).  He believes that the discussion of sustainability provides a platform to address today’s most complex issues. 

For more than twenty years, Dr. Jorge has presented mental health segments on television and radio. He has worked with many networks, including Univision, Telemundo, HITN-TV in Spanish and CBS, UPN, NBC and PBS in English. 

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