Five Acres Charity: giving every child a home

Watch Sam Jaeger's video on Five Acres Charity: giving every child a home...
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Five Acres Charity: giving every child a home

I got involved with a charity called "Five Acres" this year and the one thing I was always looking for with--I've always wanted to be involved with a charity organization, but I always felt like the objectives weren't clear or there wasn't action taken. Everybody's intentions are good, but how is the best way to serve our community? And Five Acres does a wonderful job. They cater to at-risk young from 3 all the way to teen years trying to find foster care and adoptive care for these kids. We have 18,000 children in the foster care system in Los Angeles alone. That's the equivalent of the entire state of New York, and I just was so startled by that, that whenever we think of adopting we think of other countries, and here I am in my own backyard, there's all these kids that need that attention, that love, and that support. This organization's been around for 125 years so they have the research and the knowledge of what works to really make a home permanent, and that includes not only being there for the child that's walking into this new world, but also being there for the families and how best to raise a kid, to be a sibling to a kid that is not your own blood, and I think being a step-father made it--there's an innate reason for me to be involved with it and I get to see these kids find comfort and find lasting solutions to this problem that we have not just in our country, but in the world.

Watch Sam Jaeger's video on Five Acres Charity: giving every child a home...


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In addition to his film and small screen television credits, Jaeger has also co-written and co-produced two short films. The first of which, "Quiz Bowl," caught the eye of actress Kate Bosworth, who later agreed to star in his next short, "Advantage Hart." "Hart" had its premiere at the Hollywood Film Festival , and toured on the film festival circuit.

Jaeger enjoys engaging with his community and focuses much effort towards the conservation of the environment. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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