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Parents often ask me, “What’s the most important thing to know about parenting?” And I often come back to the idea of repair. And what I mean by that is in every parent-child relationship we do things that we may regret, we say things that we shouldn’t have or we just get into conflicts with our children that we both had some kind of negative contribution to. And a lot of times, those things just get left aside and not dealt with. But really, when there is a disruption in the connection, it’s actually an opportunity and it’s an opportunity to come back and repair that connection. We can revisit what happened with our child and take responsibility or apologize if appropriate. And when we do that, we’re teaching them something very important which is that in human relationships people can have falling outs and then they can come back together and reconnect. They can find their way back to each other and no matter what has happened feel a sense of connection and love and being able to move forward.

View John Grienenberger, PhD's video on Golden Nugget...


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John Grienenberger, PhD

Family Psychologist

John Grienenberger, PhD, is a psychologist, attachment researcher, and Co-Executive Director of the non-profit Center for Reflective Communities in Los Angeles. He is also a Founder, Executive Director and Clinical Director of Community West, a psychological treatment center for adolescents and young adults in Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in family work, and has trained hundreds of therapists in his mentalization-based approach to working with families. He has authored numerous papers, presentations, and training programs in the areas of psychotherapy, attachment, mentalization, and parenting, and has conducted trainings and presentations both nationally and internationally. He has a part-time private practice in West Los Angeles conducting psychological and psychoeducational testing as well as providing psychotherapy to children, adults, families, and couples. Along with spending time with his children, John also enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking.


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