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Golden Nugget

My golden nugget for parenting and of care giving – because I am doing both – is being able to spend more time with your loved one. My dear friend Rachel – as I was becoming a caregiver for my mother – I asked her to come over – she was a nurse – and asked her to take a look at my home and see what needed to be changed to make it safer and you know, the different things that I would need to take care of her. And she says, “Linda, we’re going to talk about that later,” she says, “Because that will come naturally for you. You are a loving person already. You did that with your daughter and now I can see that you’re going to do that with your mom.” She says, “But what I want you to do is to just make sure that you spend time with her. Sit and have a cup of tea. Talk. Have fun. Listen. And don’t worry about all the things that you have to do.” So my golden nugget is – whether you’re a parent or whether you’re a caregiver – is to make sure that you’re spending loving and joyful moments with that individual.

View Linda Gant's video on Golden Nugget...


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Linda Gant

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Linda Joy Gant’s life mission and passion is to blend borders and cultures locally and around the world using the language of the arts, music and travel. Linda is a business owner of LJoy Travel, specializing in tours to Asia. As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Linda provides her clients with counseling and life coach services. Her services, seminars and training include strategies for developing life and business missions. Linda is a mother, grandmother, sister and a loving caregiver to her mother. 

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