Nurturing you child's dreams and goals

Watch Video: Nurturing you child's dreams and goals by Linda Gant, ...
Nurturing you child's dreams and goals | Kids in the House
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Nurturing you child's dreams and goals

As a parent, the best way we can help our children fulfill their dreams and goals is to realize that they are unique gifts that came through us. They have their own gifts and divine purpose for being on this planet. When you realize that, you can support what that gift is. For me, when my daughter -- When I first saw her give her authentic voice, when she first spoke in a larger group, and that's when I saw the transition from not only being my daughter, but from her really being a different unique person and an individual. I wanted to support all that she was able to do and wanted to do in life. They are not here to fulfill our dreams, they are here to fulfill their own dreams. When I recognized that she had dreams that were totally different from mine, I exposed her to more things into the arts, drawing, and crafts. Things that would allow her to pop open and do what she wanted to do. So I would say, nurture the gifts that your child has come forward to bring. Allow them to live their vision and their life.

Watch Video: Nurturing you child's dreams and goals by Linda Gant, ...


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Linda Gant

Mom & Caretaker

Linda Joy Gant’s life mission and passion is to blend borders and cultures locally and around the world using the language of the arts, music and travel. Linda is a business owner of LJoy Travel, specializing in tours to Asia. As an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Linda provides her clients with counseling and life coach services. Her services, seminars and training include strategies for developing life and business missions. Linda is a mother, grandmother, sister and a loving caregiver to her mother. 

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