Do-it-yourself Easter baskets

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Do-it-yourself Easter baskets

One way, if you really want to be extravagant with the do-it-yourself Easter basket home activity is to make them from willow bark. And it's actually quite amazing. I've done that, and you can actually forage the willow bark in the mountains of Topanga and other places. You can actually go and find willow. It's not that uncommon. And it's really easy and pliable. So we've made our own baskets in the past. But if you don't want to go that far, get a wooden basket, because then you can recycle that and use that in the garden or the children can play with that. And I really have a thing about that plastic grass thing. I think it's just awful. Plastic is such a toxic thing in our world right now. So don't buy that horrible grass. Instead you can buy natural grass or natural fibers that look like grass, so that's wonderful for Easter baskets. And then, we've also dyed our own eggs in the past. You can use food coloring made from fruits and natural dyes. That's a lot of fun. And just filling up the basket with things that are unusual and interesting and from Mother Earth.

View Shiva Rose's video on Do-it-yourself Easter baskets...


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