Gardens in urban school settings

Learn about: Gardens in urban school settings from Steven Kiralla,...
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Gardens in urban school settings

The administration has to be behind the idea of growing food on campus as a teaching tool for kids. A piece of asphalt that is not used can be broken out and planted. A vertical garden can be put into a space that was not seen as a place for a garden. It takes a creative mind. It takes critical thinkers to look at a school´s plot and say we can put a garden here. Parent involvement, even student body involvment and it has to be the administration to look at a plot and say we are going to put a garden here because it is possible.

Learn about: Gardens in urban school settings from Steven Kiralla,...


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Steven Kiralla

Eco Dad

Steven was born and grew up in Southern California. His parents were from Lebanon and had lived in a village and a society that was very in tune with nature and the natural cycles of their surroundings, and very self sufficient with growing food. At a young age he was attracted to his mother’s gardening passion and her magical ways of growing food. In 1970 he was graduating from high school, and the first Earth Day was April of that year. Earth Day made a positive change in the way he saw the planet, the air, water, population and our waste. He started wondering how we can live in our natural world with balance and less damage. Steven has a Bachelor of Science degree in
 Horticultural and Agricultural Sciences. After college, he volunteered for the Peace Corps and spent two years working in Colombia, South America.

In 1999, he and his wife helped found Seven Arrows Elementary School in Pacific Palisades, California, where both of their children attended K-6. Steven created the school’s edible garden and taught gardening and cooking to the students. He also started the Environmental/Green Committee that helped the school act daily in “green thinking” ways. He loves to be outdoors, hiking, biking, surfing, camping, skiing, playing tennis and anything else to challenge his mind and body.

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