Helping friends cope with grief

Linda Kaiser explains how to help a friend who has just lost a child.
Helping friends cope with grief | Kids in the House
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Helping friends cope with grief


Linda Kaiser explains how to help a friend who has just lost a child.


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Linda Kaiser

Child & Product Safety Expert

After the tragic loss of her twin daughter, Cheyenne Rose, Linda Kaiser founded the national non-profit organization, Parents for Window Blind Safety in November 2002.

Parents for Window Blind safety educates the public about the dangers of window covering cords. Parents for Window Blind Safety has helped motivate safety in the industry by testing window coverings using strict criteria and awarding manufactures of passing products a Seal of Approval. Parents for Window Blind Safety is also a support group for families affected by cord injuries and has expanded globally reaching Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

As an expert in window covering safety, Linda advocates simple alternatives to window covering cords that have been proven to be both innovative and potentially life-saving. Linda also actively participates on steering committees and technical committees for the development of safety standards for window coverings in the USA and Canada.

Linda also councils grieving parents who have gone through the most horrific thing life has thrown at them, the loss of their child. Optimistic, caring, and having experienced loss and grief of her own, Linda reaches out as an extended hand for helping others find positive growth from painful life experiences.

Linda has spoken at ICPHSO, CPSC Stake Holder Meetings, Women's leadership events and Trade Shows events. She also has been featured in Parents Magazine, Consumer Reports, Fox News, CNN, Today Show, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, USA TODAY, as well as in several other national and international newspapers. She currently lives in St. Louis, MO with her four children and husband of 19 years.

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