Hazards in your home you may not know about

Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company and Author, shares advice for parents on hazards that you may have in your house but not know about
Common Health Hazards In Your Home That You May Not Know About
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Hazards in your home you may not know about

So parents are always trying to search on the best ways to raise the healthiest and happiest children. And a lot of the times they are not understanding that their choices are impacting their child´s health. Here is an example: There was a mother that I had met. She had this young boy, age six, really was not thriving. Asthma, learning delays, speech delays, eczema, allergies. Was really not doing well. And she asked me to come over the home, and so I did. And i was immediately hit with this scent of vanilla throughout the home. Scented candles, air fresheners, potpurri, it was everywhere. Body lotions, it was everywhere. She thought it was beautiful but it was really negatively impacting her child´s health. And so it was my recommendation based on the child´s physical condition, based on the reality of what was going on, that our environment impacts our health. It is inside of our bodies. So this young little boy, I asked the mom to remove this stuff. This young little boy within two months was thriving. Teachers called me saying what did you do. What new medication is he on? He gained weight. His speech got better. His behavioral issues got better. He was impacted profoundly. And so it´s just a small example of parents think about what you are bringing into your home, think about what you are feeding your children. It all makes a difference and sometimes you are not really understanding, you are not really being thoughtful about it and that is okay. You cannot do it all. But if you take time and really think about some of those smaller choices, they really add up to a big world of impact.

Christopher Gavigan, Co-Founder of The Honest Company and Author, shares advice for parents on hazards that you may have in your house but not know about


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Christopher Gavigan

Co-founder, Honest.com & Author

Christopher Gavigan is a well-known environmental health leader, author, speaker, and entrepreneur who builds impactful brands through meaningful communications platforms, innovative consumer products, and social engagement strategies. Christopher recently has founded and launched The Honest Company, an exciting suite of healthy, non-toxic, beautifully designed products for babies and families, with founding partners Jessica Alba and Brian Lee. As the former CEO / Executive Director of Healthy Child Healthy World, Christopher shaped Healthy Child to be one of the most credible and trusted organizations in the environmental and children’s health field. Christopher is also the best selling author of Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home. Currently, Christopher sits on the Board of Directors of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Children Environmental Health Center and is a Chief Advisor to the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute. He is also on the Advisory Boards of SAIL Capital Partners and UCLA’s Environmental Health Sciences Department. Christopher was awarded the WebMD’s “Health Hero Award for 2010” and Elle Magazine’s “Green Award” in 2007.

Raised in New York and Connecticut, Christopher graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a double major in Environmental Science and Business, and extensive Masters Degree training in Psychology from UCLA. Christopher lives in Santa Monica with wife and actress, Jessica Capshaw, and their three children Luke, Eve and Poppy.

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