Effects of pesticides on children

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Effects of pesticides on children

So some of the good ways for parents to avoid the dangers of pesticides are number one, eating organic foods. Try to support organic agriculture, because that is agriculture that is limiting the industrial pesticides and insecticides on crops. So organic foods. Number two is hand sanitizers. Traditionally, they have triglycine, which is a chemical that is a pesticide, so that’s going right onto your skin, on your children’s hands. So try to avoid triglycine based hand sanitizers. Alcohol based ones are great. The third way is you’re inviting pest management control into your home. How do you choose the best one? And how do you eliminate pest? Caulking holes, using great window screens, eliminating what the pests are coming after – traditionally, it’s food sources. And so working to keep a clean home does a world of difference. And a big way that parents don’t really think about is pesticides at schools. Really talk to school administration and understand that they have a schedule. They have to spray at certain times a year and ensure that your children aren’t there, that they’re doing it at the schedule they’re saying they’re doing it on and that they’re doing it during vacations and summer times when it’s not going to affect your children or the yard in recess area that they’re playing on.
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View Christopher Gavigan's video on Effects of pesticides on children...


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Christopher Gavigan

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Christopher Gavigan is a well-known environmental health leader, author, speaker, and entrepreneur who builds impactful brands through meaningful communications platforms, innovative consumer products, and social engagement strategies. Christopher recently has founded and launched The Honest Company, an exciting suite of healthy, non-toxic, beautifully designed products for babies and families, with founding partners Jessica Alba and Brian Lee. As the former CEO / Executive Director of Healthy Child Healthy World, Christopher shaped Healthy Child to be one of the most credible and trusted organizations in the environmental and children’s health field. Christopher is also the best selling author of Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home. Currently, Christopher sits on the Board of Directors of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Children Environmental Health Center and is a Chief Advisor to the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute. He is also on the Advisory Boards of SAIL Capital Partners and UCLA’s Environmental Health Sciences Department. Christopher was awarded the WebMD’s “Health Hero Award for 2010” and Elle Magazine’s “Green Award” in 2007.

Raised in New York and Connecticut, Christopher graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a double major in Environmental Science and Business, and extensive Masters Degree training in Psychology from UCLA. Christopher lives in Santa Monica with wife and actress, Jessica Capshaw, and their three children Luke, Eve and Poppy.

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