Improving quality of food for your family

Barbara J. Moore, PhD and President of Shape Up America!, shares advice for parents on simple ways to improve the quality of food for your family's meals
Family Meals | Tips For Improving The Quality Of Food For Your Family
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Improving quality of food for your family

Parents can do a great do a great deal to improve the quality of meals that are served in the home. For example, they can learn how to read nutrition labels on food products, so that when hey are shopping for food they can make the best choices. And by the way, you know, its a good math test to sort of teach you child how to read nutrition labels. And you can have fun with that. They can cook. If you are not already cooking, you can learn how to cook simple meals at home. Because, those meals will be much lower in calories, fat and salt and sugar, if you prepare them at home, as compared to going out to eat or doing take outs. And by the way, why not teach your kids to cook and get them involved in the planning and preparation of meals. You can sneak vegetables into your children's food. My favorite is sneaking vegetables- chopping them up very finely and sneaking them into spaghetti sauce. I mean, there is never a complaint. And by the way, I actually use a little bit of sugar in salad dressing. Because, children love a little touch of sweetness in their salad dressing and that way, I can get them to eat salads and other vegetables. So that is something to think about. And lastly, I recommend that you not bring soda into the home. I am not saying that your kids can't ever have soda. But I just don't think that it should be in your home. You should use milk at meals. And you should use water to quench thirst and soda should not be encouraged on a daily basis the way it is consumed by children in America today.

Barbara J. Moore, PhD and President of Shape Up America!, shares advice for parents on simple ways to improve the quality of food for your family's meals


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Barbara J. Moore, PhD

President, Shape Up America!

Barbara J. Moore, PhD is president and CEO of Shape Up America!, a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. The mission of SUA is to raise awareness of obesity as a health issue through its award-winning website,  and other communication channels.  Considered a leading authority on obesity in the United States, Dr. Moore served on the Institute of Medicine Committee on Prevention of Obesity in Children in Youth, which produced the landmark 2005 report Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance. Moore received her PhD in nutritional science from Columbia University. Her postdoctoral training in nutrition and physiology was at the University of California at Davis. She held an academic position at Rutgers University and also served in industry as General Manager of Program Development at Weight Watchers International.  She held several federal government positions at the White House and the National Institutes of Health before joining Shape Up America! in 1995. She holds a BA from Skidmore College and an MS in nutrition from Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition. 

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