Teaching competence, confidence and connection

Learn about: Teaching competence, confidence and connection from Joel Pelcyger,...
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Teaching competence, confidence and connection

Schools like to think in terms of their core values. It's what we think about when Bill Clinton said, keep it simple, stupid. And you can talk about that in lots of different ways. What we have done at PS 1 Pluralistic School is we think of them in terms of 3 core values of Confidence, Competence, and Connection. So those are the 3 core values of the school, the 3 things we're always working towards in working with kids. The competence piece is what we know. It's what schools have traditionally charged with the responsibility of doing and giving to kids. The confidence piece is how we feel about what we know. It's more what progressive educators probably have lent to the process in terms of contributions to education. The piece that's so often missing really has to do with the 21st century skill of connection, because that's what we're seeing as most important today in our lives, in our interactions today, in the job force, in the things that get us ahead, in what gets us success and fulfillment in our lives. People can get that without schooling and without education. But why? Look at all the time that's being spent in schools. If you are contributing to the whole, if you're trying to contribute to the whole person and make them the best person they can be, then schools need to have a relevant role in that connection piece. And so that's a huge emphasis in going forward when you think about creativity, when you think about collaboration, when you think about flexibility, when you think about thinking outside the box, when you think about making a difference in the world. All of that has to do with things that we are looked up to with respect from people all around the world. But it's despite of our educational system, not because of it.

Learn about: Teaching competence, confidence and connection from Joel Pelcyger,...


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Joel Pelcyger

Head of School

Joel Pelcyger is the Founder and Head of PS1 Pluralistic School, an elementary school for grades K-6. PS1 was founded in 1971 and is a family-oriented, independent, and non-profit school located in the heart of Santa Monica, CA.

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