How parents and educators can work together

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How parents and educators can work together | Kids in the House
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How parents and educators can work together

So let's think about this. How do parents learn from educators? How do educators learn from parents? I feel the pluralistic approach to education has all of its roots in good parenting. That it really is a common sense approach to what to do in a classroom, because a parent thinks in terms of what their child does well, thinks in terms of encouraging their child, thinks in terms of moving them in a direction that supports the things they love, and that they're passionate and excited about and they're energetic about. And that's exactly what good teaching should be doing. But somehow we turn it over. We start thinking of education or schools as being very different from home metropolitan living workplace or anything like that. And it's not. So really, for the most part, it's educators that need to be learning from parents. And our approach to education didn't come out of a book. It came out of common sense experience. And I think that the things that we talk about often appeal to people, because they're saying, my God. That just makes sense. That's the way I relate to my child. How come when I go to a parent conference, and the teachers say somewhat completely different from what I'm thinking that I think they must be right and I'm wrong. No, that's not true. Parents are right. Parents are very often right in that. Now parents can get a different perspective than a teacher might. Parents are naturally going to hear their child's side of a story, so it's not about us versus them. It's really about a partnership and working together. But in terms of how we honor a child, I think schools have a lot more to lean from parents than parents do from schools.

Watch Video: How parents and educators can work together by Joel Pelcyger, ...


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Joel Pelcyger

Head of School

Joel Pelcyger is the Founder and Head of PS1 Pluralistic School, an elementary school for grades K-6. PS1 was founded in 1971 and is a family-oriented, independent, and non-profit school located in the heart of Santa Monica, CA.

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