Golden nugget of parenting advice

Golden nugget of parenting advice
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Golden nugget of parenting advice

My golden nugget of parenting advice is something that hardly anybody ever tells you, and it's this. If you're going to become a parent, you will need to surrender. That's it. You can't fight it. As an adult, as a 49 year-old man who's lived all over the world and done many different things, I have to surrender to my children at times. Whether that means give into the games and play My Little Pony for several hours, whether that means discuss the ins and outs and intricacies of Star Wars with my 7 year old boy, or whether that means I am going to be late for school sometimes, I am going to be late for that meeting, or I can't get the work done that needs to be done, I can't fight it. It's not worth it. You're going to give yourself cancer. You've got to realize to get rid of the stress as a parent, you just need to surrender to it.


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Mark Staufer

Co-Creator, Dadsaster

Mark Staufer is a New Zealand native living in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. Mark and his co-host, Bryan Erwin have a blog and podcast about the gnarly responsibilities of being fathers. Mark and Bryan can be seen nightly on Disney Jr in their show “Dads."  

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