How to create a cool-off area for kids

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How to create a cool-off area for kids | Kids in the House
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How to create a cool-off area for kids

What is the cool off area? This is one of my favorite tools for the parents that I work with and one of my favorite tools in our house. It is a place that we have developed in our house. A designated area where it's a calm, relaxing place and what I recommend to help do this and so we did with our daughter and our boys is we gathered a bunch of tools that are relaxing and I got my daughter involved in these things that are soft, coloring utensils, visual reminders that are relaxing, music, white noise. All kinds of things that help relax. We even have a calming lotion that we use that smells like lavender and there are all tools that she can access when she is feeling overwhelmed. My boys are kind of getting in there. They're still pretty young but it's just a great tool for her and I find that it often helps me as well. Now, when you do your cool off area, you want to make sure that you help your child to learn how to use it. So, when they're calm. Now, when they're upset, teach them about the different tools. Teach them about breathing techniques and different things that they could do. Make creative visuals for them so they could see how to use the tool that you reminded of them everyday and then also model it for them. Teach them how to cool off. So, when you're feeling frustrated, verbalize that. Walk through the steps of feeling stressed and frustrated and use some of those tools so they could see you practicing. You could let them teach you as well when you're feeling upset. So, let them know I'm feeling stressed right now and I ask them what should I do in the cool off area that might help mom to cool off and calm down. Kids love this. This has just been such a great tool in our house and it's one of my favorite things. Now, my daughter frequently will come and tell me, "Mom, i think you need to take a deep breath" or she'll bring something out from the cool off area when I'm seeming a little flustered so, it's fun.
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See Haley Figueroa, MA, LMFT's video on How to create a cool-off area for kids...


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