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Leana's Blog: My Trip to Africa, The Cura Orphanage

Jul 12, 2013

It’s overwhelming at first to be in Africa because it is so different, and there is a slight feeling of being uncomfortable because you don’t know how safe you really are. But as the day went by, we started to feel a lot more comfortable. It’s hard to express what you feel looking at the unbelievable poverty on our car ride to the Cura Orphanage. There is no public transportation and most people are walking in the red dirt to get to their destination. The houses are shacks, to say the least. They are juxtaposed with big mansions surrounded by tall walls with barbed wire on top. When we arrived at the Cura orphanage, we took a tour of the very modest facility. The tour was given by 2 teenage girls who were so proud of their very humble abode. To us it seems very simple but the Cura children are truly grateful for how they live. The facility has a school that allows for schooling of the local children as well as the 50 kids who live at the orphanage, a health clinic that fills some health needs like HIV and malaria testing. Teal had a visit due to a scraped elbow and one of the other kids cut off part of his toe while we were there and needed care at the clinic. There are 4-6 kids per room.

We brought speakers for Blue and Violet to teach a dance class. It was a big hit. We also brought Polaroid cameras and took pictures of the kids. Two pictures were saved for a journal that we were doing the following day but they also got some pictures right away. These kids have no possessions and this one Polaroid photo was a big treasure. Another big treat that we brought were apples. The children are usually fed rice and beans so the apples were a big treat. We left forever changed. It is mind boggling to see these beautiful children with no parents living in very simple circumstances but so happy and grateful and we have been touched by their spirits forever.

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