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About the Momstell organization

After the death of my daughter to a drug overdose, was about seven or eight months later when we had the trial for the drug dealer that was involved in the case. I must tell you, after the sentence, I was so angry. But I was determined to not let anger take over. It wasn't an option I wanted to teach my boys. And so I decided, what could I do to turn that anger into action? One of the things I did was to start Momstell, which is a parent advocacy organization, really dealing with substance abuse issues and a parent's support. There are many parents out there like myself who did not know where to go, who to call, what to do. And so, in forming this organization or, as like to think of it as an organism because these are real parents that are involved, is to be able to reach out. We do this via the internet because not only is it free but a lot of parents go through being so guilt-ridden that they don't want to reach out for help, or maybe seek it outside and they can do this in their own home. It's just type up Momstell and come up and there's resources available and support, especially for those families who just need another person to talk to. We have family members who are just waiting to be able to reach out and help other family members. And really this was all done as a memorial to my daughter, you know, and being able to help other families who unfortunately are gonna go through that same, walk down that same path that I've been through. To be able to maybe intervene quicker, get the help quicker, educate themselves sooner so that hopefully they won't end up where unfortunately I ended up, losing a child. That they'll be able to get involved, get the help, have the hope, and see their child recover.

View Sharon LeGore's video on About the Momstell organization...


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Sharon LeGore

Family Advocate

Sharon is the founder and president of Momstell, a parent advocacy organization she created after the death of her daughter to a drug overdose.  She created the Momstell website in order to expand the mission to join concerned parents and families to work together towards improving drug treatment, education, legislation, and policy. Mrs. LeGore has worked on many drug and alcohol policy, state budget and legislative issues for Pennsylvania, including legislation to create the first statewide Parent Advisory Council for substance abuse issues in Pennsylvania. She serves on several policy tables and co-chairs the PA Children’s Advisory Committee.

Mrs. LeGore is a consultant on substance abuse family involvement issues for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and is also the co-director of the SAMHSA sponsored “National Family Dialogue”. Sharon co-authored the CSAT/SAMHSA report “Families of Youth with Substance Use Disorders: A National Dialogue”, an issue brief entitled “Family Involvement in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment” a journal piece for Reclaiming Futures entitled “Family Involvement in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery: What do we know and what lies ahead”, co-authored the “Access to Substance Abuse Treatment: Results of a Family Survey” as well as several additional published articles. She is a national speaker and also serves on the Parent Advisory Board for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Sharon is the mother of four and resides in Mt Wolf, Pennsylvania with her husband Terry.

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