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Seven Safety Tips from Top Parenting Experts

Nov 13, 2014

As parents we have naturally worried about our children since the day they were born. We live in constant fear that something bad may happen to them and that we may do something wrong to make things worse. However, there are simple safety tips that can help you keep your family safe. Check out these seven safety tips from Kids In The House experts to keep your children safe in and out of the house.

1. When a child is hurt, call an ambulance, don’t drive to the hospital.
CPR expert Richard Pass explains, “We always recommend that if there is any question about the child's ability to breathe or any change in level of consciousness, that you call 9-1-1 and keep an eye on that little one for them to arrive.” You may be too distracted to drive your child to the hospital and unable to care for them while driving.

2. Have first aid kits available and ready to go.
Richard Pass advises families to have first aid kits that include items such as bandage scissors, splinter forceps, chemical or instant ice packs, disinfectants for wounds, anti-itching medicines, other kinds of disinfectants for the skin, certainly lots of gauze, both clean and sterile gauze, gloves and orthopedic supplies such as an ice bandage, a triangular bandage for forming a sling and possibly even a small lightweight splint to be able to secure a fractured arm or, in a case of small child, a fractured leg.

3. Keep your home free of common household poisons.
There may be things in your home you didn’t even realize could be dangerous. Medical toxicologist Cyrus Ragan explains, “The vast majority of calls that we get at the Poison Control Center, tend to be about medications, cosmetics, and cleaning products.”

4. If you suspect danger, follow your intuition.
Safety expert Gavin de Becker explains that too often do parents wait to find more proof before they act on their feelings. He says, “What I really encourage people to do is to not be afraid to say something… Don’t wait to prove it because proving it is too late.”

5. Make sure your child is being supervised at ALL TIMES.
Even leaving your child for just a few minutes could be dangerous especially if he or she is outdoors. “Supervision is really key in preventing accidents,” advises pediatrician Alan Nager. “Preventable injuries are the number one cause of death and it's tragic.”

6. Advise your child to find a woman, not a policeman, when they get lost.
When a child is lost, they may become upset and confused which will make it hard for them to find a policeman to help them. Gavin de Becker also explains, “they could accidentally choose a security guard, and that's the last population of people we'd want them to choose because they are the lowest paid employee there and the employee who's had the lowest screening there.” Women are easier for children to find and the least likely to be a sexual predator.

7. Teach your children safety tips before letting them go out alone.
Educating your kids on safety could make a huge difference and could save their life. Gavin de Becker explains that one of the most important things to explain is “they need to know they are allowed to resist an adult.”


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