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Safety Articles

8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Jan 02, 2017
By: Kids in the House
Many parents are concerned with how to keep the Internet safe for their children. And the best way to do so is by knowing the things kids do online and the risks they face. Understanding how children behave on the internet is the key to keeping them away from potential dangers. An online safety...
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Influential Pediatricians discuss the film "The Hunting Ground"

Oct 05, 2015
Some of the top influencers among pediatricians join together to discuss "The Hunting Ground" -- a searing expose about the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses created by an Academy Award nominated and Emmy winning filmmaking team. A quarter of all women attending one of 27 universities...
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Seven Safety Tips from Top Parenting Experts

Nov 13, 2014
By: Kids In The House
As parents we have naturally worried about our children since the day they were born. We live in constant fear that something bad may happen to them and that we may do something wrong to make things worse. However, there are simple safety tips that can help you keep your family safe. Check out...
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"Here to Listen, Here to Help" During National Runaway Prevention Month

Nov 26, 2013
By: Maureen Blaha
In celebration of National Runaway Safety Prevention Month (NRPM), National Runaway Safeline (NRS) is rolling out new tips for parents throughout November, with a unique twist. NRS turned to parents to get these helpful tips on confronting the challenges of being a parent. Each tip was approved by...
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Summer Camp Safety

Jul 09, 2013
By: Pattie Fitzgerald
Summer time means camp time for lots of children. And that’s good. Camp can be great fun and is often a rite of passage for many kids. Camps help our children experience new activities, make new friends, explore diversity, and help foster independence. Plus, it’s pretty great to get them outside...
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The 7 Minute Eternity

Jun 28, 2013
By: Richard Pass, RN
I have thought long and hard about how to best prepare all parents for the unthinkable. That, of course, would be the moment one might have to actually perform CPR or try and remove a life-threatening airway obstruction. Now entering my 14 th year as director of Save A Little Life, inc. I have...
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Why Kids Drown in Kiddie Pools

Jun 25, 2013
By: Nina Shapiro, MD
Summer’s here. We’re back in the pool, lake, ocean, or river. But the carefree days of our seemingly endless summers are long gone. Any of us with small children are keenly aware of the risks of drowning for our little ones. And regardless of your views on the Casey Anthony case, and what caused...
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Toddler Dies After Swallowing Button Battery

Jun 11, 2013
This story just breaks our hearts. Last week, two-year-old Elaina Redding bled to death three weeks after swallowing a button-sized battery. Her parents told CBS they believe she got the battery from a handheld Yahtzee game. Elaina swallowed the battery on May 2 and started clutching her chest,...
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