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Diapering Issues and Tips

Changing baby diapers

Lactation Specialist Wendy Haldeman walks us through the process of changing a baby’s diaper step-by-step, and offers more tips about cleaning your baby’s stool along the way. Many pediatricians recommend not using chemical wipes, but opt for soap and water instead. You’ll also never want to leave your baby on a changing table, so Wendy suggests keeping an Air-Pot filled with water on the table every day so you’re always ready to change your baby’s diaper.


- Cash needs his diaper changed so we're gonna put him down here and take care of it. If you're a right-handed parent, you want to put the head at your left hand. If you're left-handed you want to put his head at your right hand. Or my husband diapers like this cause he's very brave, but I'm gonna stick Cash this way. And because Cash has had a stool, the first thing I'm gonna do, oh I'm sorry sweetie, I'm gonna hurry, is I'm gonna unfasten his diaper and I'm gonna make one quick swipe down to try and collect as much of the stool as I can. And then I'm gonna tuck the ... Read more

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Disposable diapers are convenient and easy to use. Parents prefer these diapers because they save time and offer extra absorbency.
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