Basics of diapering a newborn

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Basics of diapering a newborn

The basics of diapering a newborn are using it as an opportunity to bond with your baby. It's really important to have everything ready, where you need it, at the changing table; diapers, wipes, a wipe warmer, because a cold wipe does not feel good on a little tushy, corn starch baby powder, any creams or lotions you might want to use. Keep your left hand on the baby, use your right hand to gather your supplies, let the baby know what's gonna happen before it happens. "Here comes the baby powder. I'm gonna use it on your tushy. Here comes the diaper. We're opening it, we're putting underneath, and now we're closing it." Use that as a n opportunity to really bond and connect with your baby, make eye contact, smile, and when they know what's gonna happen if you're clear about letting them know what comes next, it really helps to build self-confidence and connection with the baby.
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View Sarah McCormick, MA, CLE's video on Basics of diapering a newborn...


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Sarah McCormick, MA, CLE

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After attending parenting groups as a mom with both her first and second child, she loved it so much, she decided that working with babies and parents was what she wanted to do for a living.  Sarah McCormick made a 180 degree career change, and enrolled at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena where Sarah obtained a Masters Degree in Human Development with a concentration in Infant and Toddler Development. Sarah is also a Certified Lactation Educator and a Perinatal Mood Disorders Specialist to better support the parents she works with.

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