Transitioning from harness to booster seat

See Suzie Kim's video on Transitioning from harness to booster seat...
Transitioning from harness to booster seat | Kids in the House
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Transitioning from harness to booster seat


Many Moms will wonder if their children are ready to graduate from the 5 point harness system to actual booster seats system, and one of the easiest ways to tell is by looking at the sticker on your car seat and it gives you the height and the weight limits for that car seat. Another thing to take into consideration is how well your child sits in the car seat and will they stay in the booster seats without unbuckling the seat belt so you are looking at maturity levels as well. When you move to the booster seat there are two kinds. There's a high back booster or there's just the actual seat booster. The high back booster offers a little bit more support and especially for a smaller child so when you first transitioning to a booster seat I would recommend that you use the high back booster. It actually got a section on it that allows you to put the shoulder portion of the seat belt that it hooks right into that section, keeps it into right position in your child's chest. Just using the seat booster is probably better for an older child 8, 9 or 10 years old and that's because there already tall enough. There body's high enough and that's going to keep the lap portion of the belt in the proper position for them.

See Suzie Kim's video on Transitioning from harness to booster seat...


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Suzie Kim

Crime Prevention, Santa Monica Police Dept.

Suzie Kim has spent more than five years teaching parents and caregivers how to safely install their car seat systems.  Suzie and her partner hold monthly car seat inspection events at the Santa Monica Police Department, providing education on the proper use and installation of the various types of car seats as well as sharing information on seat belts, air bags, and the proper time to switch car seat systems. She tries to fit in as many appointments as possible and has assisted parents/caregivers with over 1,500 car seat installations! Suzie has been with the Santa Monica Police Department for 14 years working in Crime Prevention and Community Relations. She serves on the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, YMCA Early Childhood Development Board, and as an Explorer Advisor for the Santa Monica Police Department. In her free time Suzie enjoys spending time with her four sons, swimming, travelling, and other outdoor adventures.

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