Booster seats and front seats

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Booster seats and front seats

Every child wants to know when they get to hit that ride a passage and be able to sit on the front seat of a car. The recommendation is the children under the age of 13 should be riding in the backseat. That is because vehicles were made for adults and not for children. That airbag in the front can be particularly damaging to a child. For that reason, under 13 is in the back. When your child is in the booster seat, trying to figure out when they don’t have to use that booster seat anymore is another point of contention with parents and children, but your child has to be able to sit with their bottom all the way against the back of the seat. Their knees should bend over the edge of the seat. Their feet should be touching the floor. They should be able to sit comfortably that way. That’s kind of the five-point check that you want to do. You want to make sure that they sit all the way back without slouching, their knees bend over the seat, the feet flat on the floor. They can sit that way for at least 30 minutes and be comfortable.

See Suzie Kim's video on Booster seats and front seats...


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Suzie Kim

Crime Prevention, Santa Monica Police Dept.

Suzie Kim has spent more than five years teaching parents and caregivers how to safely install their car seat systems.  Suzie and her partner hold monthly car seat inspection events at the Santa Monica Police Department, providing education on the proper use and installation of the various types of car seats as well as sharing information on seat belts, air bags, and the proper time to switch car seat systems. She tries to fit in as many appointments as possible and has assisted parents/caregivers with over 1,500 car seat installations! Suzie has been with the Santa Monica Police Department for 14 years working in Crime Prevention and Community Relations. She serves on the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, YMCA Early Childhood Development Board, and as an Explorer Advisor for the Santa Monica Police Department. In her free time Suzie enjoys spending time with her four sons, swimming, travelling, and other outdoor adventures.

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