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Diaper Bag

What to pack in the Diaper Bag?

Join Authors Linda Meadow, Adrian Kulp, and Jane Buckingham, along with Literary Manager and Mom Helena Heyman as they give some great tips on how to pack the ultimate diaper bag for when you’re heading out the door. Always keep a bag ready by the door, which can save you that extra step, and remember that it doesn’t need to be packed with your entire nursery! All you really need when you’re on the go are some diapers, wipes, snacks, a bottle, water, and a clean change of clothes. Keep your hands free with a backpack or get a bag with accessible pockets for your keys.


- I think that a diaper bag should be always packed by the door. It's like your extra stuff, but it doesn't have to be your entire nursery every time you go out of the house. So I think diapers, obviously, probably two or three depending how long you're gonna be out of the house. Wipes, a snack, a bottle, a bottle of water in case you're using formula and you need to be able to mix formula, extra formula or a extra bottle of breast milk, and, most ... Read more

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