Tips for packing dad's diaper bag

Learn about: Tips for packing dad's diaper bag from Adrian Kulp,...
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Tips for packing dad's diaper bag


What is in my diaper bag? Well that is a tricky question. On occasion you might find some curdled milk or piece of fruit that has been in there for a few weeks but generally, I try and keep it organized. When he had our first children, someone had given me a messenger bag which was a single strap over the shoulder and while it was camouflage and it kind a give me some instant street cred . It was constantly in a way aside of kind a feeling like I am wearing a purse, it was swinging around the front and the back and bumping that stuff so if there is one thing I would suggest, it would be to go for the backpack. Much easier, hands free. You do not have to wear stuffs swinging around. Aside from the obvious stuffs; diapers, wipes, bottle, and backup bottle. I generally carry few things. I carry some very small toys, something that would occupy kids for the situation where I needed to be quiet or entertain them preferably something without batteries. I also carry a clip . What i realize with the pacifier, it was constantly disappearing instead of me diving around on the sidewalks we had a clip that went to the pacifier to the actual shirt and so if we needed to retrieve it, it was kind like down next to them A thin linen blanket that I can usually double up to keep them warm or in case if it gets windy. I always carry a backup outfit. It was one thing I learn early if you got a blowout or situation where you need to do off to change, you are prepared.

Learn about: Tips for packing dad's diaper bag from Adrian Kulp,...


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Adrian Kulp is a stay-at-home dad for three kids under the age of 7.  His popular blog, ‘Dad or Alive’ helped him procure a deal at Penguin Publishing, titled Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-home Dad.  He also writes for The Huffington Post and is preparing a comedic lecture based on his transition into fatherhood. Adrian is a former TV executive both for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison and Chelsea Handler’s Borderline Amazing Productions, as well as the comic booker for ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on CBS. Adrian's feature article 'Breaking Binky' was recently published in the February 2017 issue of Parents Magazine. This spring, he was nominated for a Shorty Award in Parenting, as well as an IRIS Award for 'Dad Blog of the Year' at the annual Mom 2.0 Summit held in Orlando.

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