Advice on potty training

Blogger and author Adrian Kulp gives his best tips for potty training toddler
Advice for Parenting Toddlers | Potty training tips
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Advice on potty training

Potty training is currently the bane of my existence. I’ve gone through potty training with Ava who is 4.5. I think girls and boys are different. Ava we waited until she was about 2 years old and until she was ready and receptive to do it. We practiced with the seat insert on the toilet. And she took to it almost immediately with the #1s. The #2s she occasionally needs a little help with cleaning herself, but she was extremely receptive to it right away. With my son Charlie who is 2.5, we tried to inspire him to start using the potty around the same age as Ava, around 2 years old. And I was never really sure whether to start the boys sitting down or standing up. We started him sitting down. But after him watching me go to the bathroom, he wanted to know why you couldn’t do this like daddy did it. So we made that happen. And we’re still working on the aim. I know a lot of parents use the Cheerios trick, where you lace the bowl with Cheerios and have target practice, which tends to work sometimes. But I think it’s all about waiting, not pushing your child if they’re not ready. Waiting to confirm that they’re receptive and excited to do it. And I think that’s the only way that you’ll be successful at it.

Blogger and author Adrian Kulp gives his best tips for potty training toddler


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Adrian Kulp

Author & Blogger of Dad or Alive

Adrian Kulp is a stay-at-home dad for three kids under the age of 7.  His popular blog, ‘Dad or Alive’ helped him procure a deal at Penguin Publishing, titled Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-home Dad.  He also writes for The Huffington Post and is preparing a comedic lecture based on his transition into fatherhood. Adrian is a former TV executive both for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison and Chelsea Handler’s Borderline Amazing Productions, as well as the comic booker for ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on CBS. Adrian's feature article 'Breaking Binky' was recently published in the February 2017 issue of Parents Magazine. This spring, he was nominated for a Shorty Award in Parenting, as well as an IRIS Award for 'Dad Blog of the Year' at the annual Mom 2.0 Summit held in Orlando.

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