Diaper bag essentials

See Linda Meadow's video on What to pack in your diaper bag...
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Diaper bag essentials


I think a diaper bag should always be packed by the door. It's your extra stuff, but it doesn't have to be your entire nursery every time you go out of the house. I think diapers, obviously, two or three, depending on how long you are going to be out of the house; wipes, a snack, a bottle, a bottle of water in case you are using formula, formula or an extra bottle of breast milk. Most importantly, a change of clothes. You will be out, at some point, with a baby and they will make a mess of themselves. At least one change of clothes, maybe two. I would suggest a little medicine pouch with Tylenol or, maybe, Origel for when they are teething.

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See Linda Meadow's video on What to pack in your diaper bag...


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Linda Meadow is the founder and editor of gurumommy.com and is also the author of the City Baby L.A. series, which already is in its 3rd edition.  Linda started her career as an attorney, and after having her 3 children decided to recharge her career as an author and 'expert' mommy, advising parents in Los Angeles and beyond!  Linda has been featured as a style, parenting and travel contributor in InStyle, US Weekly, Cookie, People Magazine and online at modernmom.com, havefamilywilltravel.com, momlogic.com, jenandbarbmomslife.com and mommytracked.com. Linda is also a marketing consultant specializing in social media, mobile applications and e-commerce for several online sale sites.  

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