Hiring a nanny

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Hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny, the most important thing you have to take into account is what your immediate needs are. So you really need to sit down and figure out, "What do I need this person to do?" When I have a newborn, whether you work in the house, out of the house, part-time, whatever, you need somebody really to focus on taking care of the baby, helping you with the baby. As your children get older that person changes and your needs change, so it's important not to get too attached or be willing to say, "This is not working anymore," even if they become part of your family, sometimes it just doesn't work anymore. When your kids are in preschool, you don't really need somebody all day long who's not going to be able to do some cleaning maybe, or help you get dinner ready if you're working out of the house, so you need to be able to say at each stage of your child's life, "Maybe this is not working anymore." And instead of going and starting to hire a bunch of people to do that job, maybe you can hire one person to do the right job that you need. And so... and when you're... let's say, you have another baby, then that's a whole another thing. And I've seen so many people fall on this situation where they'll just start staffing up instead of figuring out what's not working with the person that they have.

See Linda Meadow's video on Hiring a nanny...


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