Benefits of breastfeeding in bed

Lactation consultant Jennifer Davidson, IBCLC, shares advice for breastfeeding mothers on the benefits of nursing your baby in bed
Breastfeeding in Bed Benefits
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Benefits of breastfeeding in bed

I love to encourage moms to bring their babies into bed to nurse. It gives them the benefit of much-needed sleep. Especially, they might even try during the day. Sometimes at night they find in the beginning with a newborn, it's a little hard because they can't see. So I say start during the day and get used to the idea of getting the needed sleep that you're missing. Lay down, bring the baby into bed with you and nurse your baby very comfortably. So it provides a wonderful closeness that, especially for the working mom, she gets the benefit of being with her baby even more because she's working during the day. So the closeness, the relaxation that comes, is like no other time. As well, we know that prolactin levels at night are highest and it increases milk supply bu nursing your baby throughout the night, tapping into that already high prolactin level. So she gets more milk and added closeness and the benefit of more sleep because she's more relaxed and the baby's right there beside her. She doesn't have to wonder and worry all night long if he's doing okay. She can see him right there beside her.

Lactation consultant Jennifer Davidson, IBCLC, shares advice for breastfeeding mothers on the benefits of nursing your baby in bed


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Jennifer Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC

RN & Lactation Consultant

Jennifer Davidson, RN, BSN, IBCLC, earned her AA degree in early childhood education and taught preschool for two years. She returned to college and received a bachelor's degree in Nursing. After completing school, she worked as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for ten years. During this time she got married and gave birth to a beautiful son who changed her life. Jennifer realized she did not want to return to the same long hours that would take her away from her family. When Jennifer was offered a part-time job as an RN at the progressive pediatric office of Dr. Jay Gordon and Linda Nussbaum in Santa Monica, she accepted it and has been there for 18 years.

Somewhere after birthing and nursing another wonderful son, Jennifer discovered a new passion and began helping other mothers with breastfeeding problems. She completed the extensive training to become a lactation consultant and for the last eight years has been the breastfeeding specialist in the pediatric office. Jennifer has the wonderful opportunity of following women from their pregnancy throughout their breastfeeding journey. She is able to intimately know the women and their stories. Most important, Jennifer learns with the women how best to draw out their own knowledge in creating a successful breastfeeding experience. Repeatedly she has found that helping a woman trust her own instincts builds the most confidence and leads to the most success.

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