A demonstration of how to breastfeed in bed

Jennifer Davidson, RN and Lactation Consultant, shares a demonstration for mothers on how to safely and properly breastfeed your baby while lying down in bed
How to Breastfeed in Bed Lying Down
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A demonstration of how to breastfeed in bed

I love to teach mothers how to bring their babies into the bed to nurse at night because they need their sleep too. So the most important thing, of course, is to make sure the baby is safe. So we suggest that you have a very firm mattress, nothing too soft, no blankets, and just a few pillows. And I'd like to have mom have a pillow, of course, under her head, one between her knees and her ankle and one to support her back for support. And then for the baby, you can bring in a roll and slip that right on his back so she doesn't have to pull him into her all night. He then lies on his side, tummy to tummy, and then his nose is oriented towards her nipple, and she waits for the open mouth and she brings him in. One thing I need to encourage moms not to do is do not do this if you've had any alcohol to drink or your partner has had any alcohol to drink or any drugs, of course. And otherwise, this can be safely done. You also need to have a support along the side of the bed, something either a co-sleeper type device where the baby can't roll onto the floor, or a guard rail, or they make bumpers that you can put underneath your fitted sheet to raise the edge so a baby can't roll off. But mothers sleep much more soundly when their baby's next to them because they can see that they're doing well, they don't have to get up out of bed, turn on lights, and it works so much better for the mom. And it also helps increase and keep her milk supply up because she's so relaxed and baby has access to the breast to nurse as he needs. To burp your baby, I love to say that you don't have to get out of bed and sit up. You can just simply put your hand, this hand reaches nicely on his bottom, this hand will reach right at his neck and you can just bring him onto your belly as you roll over, using your ankles and your heels. And you can lay him right here on your belly and burp him right there. If he were choking and needed to be sat up, you can lift him up and lean him forward. Or he sits and you put your hands on either side of his cheek with your fingers and your thumb and you lean him over. And look, she's never had to get up. If he were spitting up or choking or doing any such thing, this would be a preferred way to burp him. Sometimes they burp better when they're sitting up too. Which he just did, didn't he? You're doing a great job! And then you lay him back down onto your belly, and she might proceed then to roll over or go back to the same breast.

Jennifer Davidson, RN and Lactation Consultant, shares a demonstration for mothers on how to safely and properly breastfeed your baby while lying down in bed


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Jennifer Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC

RN & Lactation Consultant

Jennifer Davidson, RN, BSN, IBCLC, earned her AA degree in early childhood education and taught preschool for two years. She returned to college and received a bachelor's degree in Nursing. After completing school, she worked as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for ten years. During this time she got married and gave birth to a beautiful son who changed her life. Jennifer realized she did not want to return to the same long hours that would take her away from her family. When Jennifer was offered a part-time job as an RN at the progressive pediatric office of Dr. Jay Gordon and Linda Nussbaum in Santa Monica, she accepted it and has been there for 18 years.

Somewhere after birthing and nursing another wonderful son, Jennifer discovered a new passion and began helping other mothers with breastfeeding problems. She completed the extensive training to become a lactation consultant and for the last eight years has been the breastfeeding specialist in the pediatric office. Jennifer has the wonderful opportunity of following women from their pregnancy throughout their breastfeeding journey. She is able to intimately know the women and their stories. Most important, Jennifer learns with the women how best to draw out their own knowledge in creating a successful breastfeeding experience. Repeatedly she has found that helping a woman trust her own instincts builds the most confidence and leads to the most success.

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