Adjusting to new motherhood

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Adjusting to new motherhood

So the first thing I would say to a new mom is to not expect to feel great at the job that you're doing. You're new at this. It's just like your first day on a new job. You don't know exactly what to do, and that's okay. The other thing to remember is that those other moms, they don't know what they're doing either, and everybody is just trying to figure it out. It's very easy to look at another woman and think that she has her act all together and that she has a lot more confidence than what you're feeling inside. So keep that in mind. And then the other thing that I would share is that it can be really lonely when you stay at home with a baby all day. That person is not really responding to you in the way that you're used to be talked to. And the antidote to that is to get out of the house. Go find places you can be with other adults. Take your baby to the museum. Take your baby out for a walk. Go to mom's groups or yoga classes where there are other moms. Get out of the house every day to combat that loneliness and connect with other women.

Watch Whitney Moss's video on Adjusting to new motherhood...


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Upon becoming a mom, Whitney Moss joined forces with her BFF Heather Gibbs, and they began writing down hundreds ideas for fun things to do – with babies in tow. The result was their book, The Rookie Mom's Handbook: 250 Activities To Do With (and Without!) Your Baby and website,, which has been on's list of Top 50 Mom Blogs twice. Whitney has been a contributor on and spoken at the MamaBear family tech conference.  Whitney lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children: Julian, eight and Scarlett, five. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA and attended Barnard College.

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