Making the most of your child's nap

Learn about: Making the most of your child's nap from Whitney Moss,...
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Making the most of your child's nap

It's really easy to let a home, long nap time slip away while you're just clicking away at the computer, and not really getting anything done. So I recommend that moms use a nap time to recharge themselves. And there are sort of three aspects of this. One is to do something creative, something that really inspires you, and gets to your brain in a different way of thinking besides just your daily chores or childcare tasks. The second is to connect with someone else; either, call a girlfriend, call your mom, and just get that charge of human connection that's so good for us. Then, the third is do something physical. So whether you do a workout video in your living room, or use your nap time to push the baby on a stroller walk. Do one of these things. Make your break count, and you'll feel recharged.

Learn about: Making the most of your child's nap from Whitney Moss,...


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Upon becoming a mom, Whitney Moss joined forces with her BFF Heather Gibbs, and they began writing down hundreds ideas for fun things to do – with babies in tow. The result was their book, The Rookie Mom's Handbook: 250 Activities To Do With (and Without!) Your Baby and website,, which has been on's list of Top 50 Mom Blogs twice. Whitney has been a contributor on and spoken at the MamaBear family tech conference.  Whitney lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children: Julian, eight and Scarlett, five. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA and attended Barnard College.

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