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Sex After Children

Sex Life and Relationships after having a baby.

Leana Greene:       We have a parent with a question for Shery.

Speaker 2:          My husband says it feels different to have sex with me after the baby. I'm wondering, are Kegels enough, and can you have surgery to fix it? If so, what does it cost, and is it safe if I want to have another baby?

Leana Greene:       Thank you so much for asking that very personal question. Shery, what do you say about that?

Dr. Sheryl Ross:    Well, I would first wonder how far postpartum she is, because certainly, it does feel different and depending how many babies she's had. The vagina tends to be much drier if you're breastfeeding and a little bit looser. Those are true conditions that we see after having a baby, but I do think the Kegels are really important to do. It helps strengthen the pelvic floor. It feels great with sex. Surgery can be discussed, but I really depends, again, how many kids you've had, what other symptoms you have. And also, give it time, because the vagina has a great way of repairing itself.

Leana Greene:       How ... Read more

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