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Ten Tips to Keep Your Sex Life Alive After Marriage

Aug 12, 2014

Many couples want to know how to keep their sex life active after marriage, and particularly after children.  Maintaining intimacy is essential to a healthy relationship, and couples need to take the time to understand how to get to a place of wanting to have sex.  Often, men want to have sex, and women are looking for some romantic aspects to be enticed into having sex.  Here are ten tips to keep your sex life alive after marriage.

1. Keep dating.

When a couple is dating, a man has to take initiative to plan ahead and set up a time to see his woman.  After marriage, Dr. John Gray says it is important to keep this romance alive and to plan dates, at least once a week, to spend intimate time connecting and enjoying each other’s company. 

2. Make sure to communicate.

Communication is important because it allows partners to express their needs and desires and to feel loved and appreciated. 

3. Be a good listener.

Excellent listening skills are also essential, because partners want to feel heard and respected.

4. Create fun home dates.

Author and blogger Whitney Moss suggests creating an intimate and romantic environment at home, even when kids are around the house or a new baby is in the mix.

5. Turn off the TV and Computer.

Moss also suggests coming up with a unique date idea that doesn’t include a movie or TV shows because there is no connection happening when the TV is on. 

6. Make a meal together.

Moss encourages couples to either play a board game to play or cook an elaborate meal together. This will create a greater connection with you and your partner.

7. Continue to grow as a person and a sexual partner.

Sheila Kamen, psychologist and sex therapist, explains it’s important to continue growing as a person and as a sexual partner in order to keep excitement alive in the relationship

8. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

It is important to bring a lighthearted attitude to the situation, and to connect intimately as often as possible.

9. Try something or somewhere new.

When you try something new, you will not only surprise your partner, but you may also surprise yourself. 

10. Have fun and be adventurous.

Kamen also reminds us that no one is perfect, and that keeping fun and lightheartedness involved is the key to enjoyment.

It is possible to have a thriving sex life after marriage and kids by continuing to take time for romance and to focus on your partner’s needs and desires.  

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